The Novel "Merchant of Venice" by the English Writer William Shakespeare

"The Merchant of Venice" is a masterpiece of William Shakespeare, telling us the events in Venice, a..

2,850 ل.س

The Book "The Human Beast" by the Syrian Writer Mamdouh Odwan

The world of organized and random repression practiced by the man of this age is a world that is not..

4,350 ل.س

The Novel "Animal Farm" by the British Novelist George Orwell

In his book "Animal Farm," George Orwell showed his hostility and rejection of tyranny in all his pr..

2,700 ل.س

The Novel "A Bed Passenger" by the Algerian Novelist Ahlam Mostaganmi

"Transient Bed" is the third and final novel in the series of novelist Ahlam Mostaganemi after her n..

2,850 ل.س

The Novel "My Wish is Killing A Man" by the Emirates Writer Souad Sultan AL-Shamesi

The novel "My Wish is Killing A Man" is a collection of letters to the other sex directed at a parti..

3,750 ل.س

The Novel "The Rock of Tanios" by the Lebanese Writer Amin Maalouf

Tanios Rock is a novel by Lebanese writer Amin Maalouf written in French and then translated into Ar..

3,300 ل.س

The Novel "In My Heart A Jewish Girl" by the Tunisian Writer Khawla AL-Hamdi

Despite the differences in religion and the repercussions of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Jews of ..

3,000 ل.س

The Book "I Love You and Enough" by the Saudi Writer Mohammad AL-Salem

The book "I Love You and Enough" is the first book written by the writer (Muhammad Al-Salem), and th..

5,550 ل.س

The Novel "The Land of God" by the Egyptian Writer Ahmad Murad

"The Land of God" is the fifth novel by Egyptian writer Ahmed Murad. The first edition was published..

3,300 ل.س

The Book "The World Disorder" by the Lebanese Writer Amin Maalouf

At the turn of the 21st century, the world has many signs of imbalance. An intellectual imbalance ch..

7,500 ل.س

The Book "Letters to Milena" by the Czech Writer Franz Kafka

"Letters to Melina" is a book in which he collected some of Kafka's letters to the Czech journalist ..

4,800 ل.س

The Novel "A Tale of Two Cities" by the English Writer Charles Dickens

"A Tale of Two Cities" is the second historical novel by Charles Dickens, which takes place in Londo..

3,750 ل.س

The Book "Politics" by the Greek Philosopher Aristotle

In this book Aristotle deals with the presentation of policy principles in a scientific way. Al..

6,750 ل.س

The Play "Othello" by the English Writer William Shakespeare

The play "Othello" was part of Shakespeare's great dramas. It was a unique case of love and jealousy..

6,750 ل.س

The Novel "Do Forgive" by the Saudi Writer Atheer Abdullah AL-Nashmi

"Vltgfri" is the second part of the novel I loved you too much but here speaks with a male voice is ..

2,700 ل.س

The Book "The Social Contract" by the Swiss Philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau

The book "The Social Contract" of the great philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau is one of the most imp..

6,000 ل.س

The Novel "Darkness of Memory" by the Saudi Writer Atheer Abdullah AL-Nashmi

At the beginning of 2009, the writer Atheer Abdullah Al Nashmi looked at her first novel. I loved yo..

2,850 ل.س

The Book "Mystery of Death" by the Egyptian Writer Mustafa Mahmoud

"Death's Mystery" is a book by Mustafa Mahmoud discussing death through a scientific and philosophic..

5,550 ل.س

The Novel "Bilal Code" by the Iraqi Writer Ahmad Khairi AL-Omari

To be influenced by the story of Bilal bin Rabah something, but to change your whole life because of..

4,350 ل.س

The Novel "The African Lion" by the Lebanese Writer Amin Maalouf

"León Afrique" is a historical novel by the Lebanese writer Amin Maalouf, which lists a fictitious b..

3,750 ل.س

The Novel "The Gambler" by the Russian Writer Fyodor Dostoevsky

ل"The Gambler" novel is Dostoyevsky's most important work, but it undoubtedly illuminates important ..

3,600 ل.س

The Novel "The Miserable" by the French Author Victor Hugo

The most famous French novel of the nineteenth century, written by the famous French writer Victor H..

3,300 ل.س

The Book "Leaves of Flowers" by the Egyptian Author Mustafa Sadeq AL-Rafei

The great writer Mustafa Sadiq al-Rafi'i wrote a series of thoughts about the philosophy of love thr..

7,800 ل.س

The Novel "The Metamorphosis" by the Czech Writer Franz Kafka

The novel of mutilation, transformation or reproduction by Franz Kafka is one of the most famous nov..

2,700 ل.س

The Novel "Memories of My Melancholy Whores" by the Colombian Novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquiz

In the novel  "Memories of My Melancholy Whores", Garcia Marquez creates a situation in which a..

2,850 ل.س

The Novel "Towards Zero" by the American Writer Agatha Christie

"Zero Hour" is an investigative novel by Agatha Christie. The first edition was published in the Uni..

2,850 ل.س

The Novel "The Killing Dreams" by the American Writer Agatha Christie

One of the greatest detective stories of American writer Agatha Christie...

3,300 ل.س

The Novel "Black Milk" by the Turkish Novelist Elif Shafak

In the novel "Black Milk", the Turkish novelist Elif Shafak recounts in depth and detail the excitem..

3,600 ل.س

The Novel "Granada Trilogy" by the Egyptian Writer Radwa Ashour

The trilogy of Granada is a three-piece novel composed of three novels by the Egyptian writer Radwa ..

4,800 ل.س

The Novel "Lavender" by the Palestinian Writer Mohammad Ramadan (Yami Ahmad)

Lavender's novel deals with love, betrayal and emotional relationships at various stages. A group of..

3,150 ل.س

The Novel "The Lost Mamluk" by the Lebanese Writer Georgy Zidan

The novel "The Lost Mamluk" is part of the series "The History of Islam" by Gerji Zidane. The novel ..

3,300 ل.س

The Book "Just for Men" by the Palestinian Writer Adham Sharqawi

The book revolves around the ability of God to create Eve from a separate soil as Adam created, but ..

6,600 ل.س

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