The Novel "Gone with the Wind" by the American Writer Margaret Mitchell

Gone with the Wind is a masterpiece of world literature by American author Margaret Mitchell, her on..

2,500 ل.س

The Novel "The Stranger" by the French Writer Albert Camus

The novel "The Stranger" is one of the world's most famous novels translated into more than 40 world..

1,800 ل.س

The Book "Politics" by the Greek Philosopher Aristotle

In this book Aristotle deals with the presentation of policy principles in a scientific way. Al..

4,500 ل.س

The Book "Man's Search for the Meaning" by the Psychologist Viktore Frankl

* "Man is looking for meaning" is the title of a book with a unique, in-depth study of life experien..

5,000 ل.س

The Novel "Accusation Fingers" by the American Writer Agatha christie

An interesting novel that is not without creativity and ambiguity and is not without excitement...

1,900 ل.س

The Book "The History of Atheism in Islam" by the Egyptian Philosopher Abd AL-Rahman Badawi

In this book, Abdul Rahman Badawi discusses the concept of heresy and atheism throughout the Islamic..

3,100 ل.س

The Book "The Jurisprudence of Love" by the Egyptian Author Yousef Zidan

The more the situation became more intense, and the more we surrounded our lives, the more we were d..

3,400 ل.س

The Book "The Evening Talk" by the Palestinian Writer

In every person you know someone you do not knowBehind every story you know is a story you do not kn..

3,100 ل.س

The Book "The Intercession" by the Egyptian Writer Mustafa Mahmoud

"The Book of Intercession" is a book written by Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud raises in this book an explosive..

3,700 ل.س

The Book "Because You Are God" by the Saudi Writer Ali Jaber AL-Fifi

A book that speaks about some of the names of God and how we live in our lives, the author was keen ..

3,600 ل.س

The Novel "Mother" by the Russian Writer Maxim Gorky

 The  novel "Mother" is a novel by Maxim Gorky about the conditions of the Bolshevik Revol..

2,200 ل.س

The Novel "The Trial" by the Czech Writer Franz Kafka

Literary Famous work that addresses the problems of oppression, injustice and absurdity experienced ..

2,400 ل.س

The Book "The Guidance for Child's Behavior" by the Writer Anas Shakshack

The book examines the behavioral disorder and the nature of emotional growth in children, and displa..

4,000 ل.س

The Novel "AL-Motamahdi Prisoner' by the Lebanese Writer George Zidan

The novel is an historical and romantic novel that includes a description of the events experienced ..

2,300 ل.س

The Novel "Halloween Party" by the American Writer Agatha Christie

One of the most famous detective stories of American writer Agatha Christie..

1,900 ل.س

The Novel "The Beginning and The End" by the Egyptian Novelist Naguib Mahfouz

"Egypt eats its children mercilessly. However, we are told that we are satisfied. This is my life of..

2,000 ل.س

The Novel "Death Ghost" by the American Writer Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is known as the "Queen of Crime" and this novel is one of the most poetic novels of ..

1,900 ل.س

The Novel "My Love is Dumb" by the Saudi Writer Mohammad AL-Salem

The narrator writes a joint novel with himself, penetrates the reader's consciousness gently, leads ..

1,800 ل.س

The Novel "Happened Here in Aleppo" by the Syrian Novelist Mona Tajo

Imagination was not present and was not inspired by the author and writer Mona Tajo, but the reality..

2,400 ل.س

The Book "The Poor" by the Egyptian Author Mustafa Sadeq AL-Rafei

Is a prosaic book by Mustafa Sadiq al-Rafi'i, presenting it with an eloquent introduction to the mea..

5,000 ل.س

The Novel "Eleven Minutes" by the Brazilian Writer Paulo Coelho

Brazilian novelist Paolo Coelho, who has chosen his new novel as a delicate and sensitive subject, s..

1,900 ل.س

The Novel "Animal Farm" by the British Novelist George Orwell

In his book "Animal Farm," George Orwell showed his hostility and rejection of tyranny in all his pr..

1,800 ل.س

The Novel "A Bed Passenger" by the Algerian Novelist Ahlam Mostaganmi

"Transient Bed" is the third and final novel in the series of novelist Ahlam Mostaganemi after her n..

1,900 ل.س

The Novel "My Wish is Killing A Man" by the Emirates Writer Souad Sultan AL-Shamesi

The novel "My Wish is Killing A Man" is a collection of letters to the other sex directed at a parti..

2,500 ل.س

The Novel "The Rock of Tanios" by the Lebanese Writer Amin Maalouf

Tanios Rock is a novel by Lebanese writer Amin Maalouf written in French and then translated into Ar..

2,200 ل.س

The Novel "In My Heart A Jewish Girl" by the Tunisian Writer Khawla AL-Hamdi

Despite the differences in religion and the repercussions of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Jews of ..

2,000 ل.س

The Book "I Love You and Enough" by the Saudi Writer Mohammad AL-Salem

The book "I Love You and Enough" is the first book written by the writer (Muhammad Al-Salem), and th..

3,700 ل.س

The Novel "The Land of God" by the Egyptian Writer Ahmad Murad

"The Land of God" is the fifth novel by Egyptian writer Ahmed Murad. The first edition was published..

2,200 ل.س

The Book "The World Disorder" by the Lebanese Writer Amin Maalouf

At the turn of the 21st century, the world has many signs of imbalance. An intellectual imbalance ch..

5,000 ل.س

The Novel "Death Letters' by the American Writer Agatha Christie

The novel "Letters of Death" is one of the most important detective stories of American writer Agath..

1,900 ل.س

The Novel "Hunchback of Notre Dam" by Victor Hugo

"Aubis Notre Dame" is a French romantic novel by Victor Hugo that deals with the events of his histo..

2,800 ل.س

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