Mobile Battery Samsung J7  

RechargeableThe Samsung brandCompatible with cell phonesthe description:Battery for Samsung Galaxy J..

2,600 ل.س

Xiaomi HeadsetsTYPE C


24,000 ل.س

Library organizer brand silver cres

Multifunctional spaceWith USB Hub functionFor office accessories such as pens, rulers, markers, etc...

5,000 ل.س

Squishy mobile phone holder
32% off

Squishy mobile phone holder

compatible moblie phone8: For meizu m1 note m2 mini note mx4 pro mx5compatible moblie phone6: For hu..

1,500 ل.س 2,200 ل.س

Samsung Battery Note 2  

Rechargeable batteryType: SamsungReceiving mobile phones ..

2,600 ل.س

Xiaomi Mobile Screen Sticker

Suitable for the following models:MI NOTE6XAX3F1MI8MI6MI6AMI S2MI A2LITEMINOTE 5A2..

700 ل.س

Solar Power Bank

 Bright Flashlight - lasts for 100+ hours Built to be Mother Nature-resistant - makes grea..

7,500 ل.س

Powerbank Samsung  8400MAH Powerbank Samsung  8400MAH
36% off

Powerbank Samsung 8400MAH

Samsung Galaxy 8400 mAh High Capacity Portable Battery In today's busy world, a dead battery can mak..

11,500 ل.س 18,000 ل.س

Mobile protection cover Smart

1. Foldable case with transparent holder coated with mirror of environmentally friendly materials.2...

2,500 ل.س

Samsung Battery Note 3

Rechargeable batteryType SamsungMobile phones are receiving NUT 3..

2,800 ل.س

Xiaomi Mobile Screen Sticker

Suitable for the following models:A2Mi 8RED MI NOTE 5Mi 8 liteMi 8 litePOCO F1Note 6 pro6AMI 6MI 8MI..

1,300 ل.س

Karaoke microphone

【3 in 1 microphone karaoke】-3 in 1 multifunctional professional karaoke machine,can be as a normal m..

7,500 ل.س

Samsung Charger


3,500 ل.س

Keyboard set Luminous

Keyboard Colorful LED backlit Comfortable and soft keys, perfect for gaming Error-free running time,..

29,000 ل.س

Mobile screen protection label  

Mobile phone labels+j4+j6A10A20A30A40A50A70A80A2 core+A6A750A920j4j7 primem10m20m30mate 10 litenova3..

1,300 ل.س

Xiaomi Mobile Glass Screen Sticker


1,000 ل.س

Suction Cup Car Holder Suction Cup Car Holder
55% off

Suction Cup Car Holder

Works with all kinds of mobile..

900 ل.س 2,000 ل.س

Elite Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy

Reinforced glass works to resist scratches and bumpsThe screen has an oil-repellent coating as well ..

1,500 ل.س

Mobile and camera light 10 inch


15,000 ل.س

Mobile phone holder and camera Mobile phone holder and camera
25% off

Mobile phone holder and camera

excellent quality, phone bracket is automatic elastic, stretch can clip 5.5-8.8cm width's phone. Pho..

4,500 ل.س 6,000 ل.س

Kefar Mobile iphone original Agency BKG thermal

Kefar Mobile iphone ..

2,500 ل.س

Samsung power bank

Today we see Samsung Powerbank, a product that handles what it is called. While powerbanks are commo..

20,000 ل.س

Magnetic mobile phone holder Magnetic mobile phone holder
50% off

Magnetic mobile phone holder

DescriptionProduct Name:Universal Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Car Mount Holder 360 Degree Mobile Magnet ..

1,100 ل.س 2,200 ل.س

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