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Corrective makeup group to standardize skin color and hide its defects and problemsAnd conceal the r..

39,000 ل.س

Make up buse Pierre Rene

Lightening makeup base cream with reflective particles of light.It makes the skin pure and bright, a..

8,500 ل.س


Blush Powder There are a variety of colors to whiten the skin with a thin and nice layer of cheeksTh..

13,850 ل.س

Deep Liner Pierre Rene

As a solution to the application of exceptional and very accurate makes it possible to draw lines on..

5,450 ل.س

Lip Matic Pierre Rene

A new generation of automatic lip liner with creamy consistency ensures lip makeup is very smooth an..

3,350 ل.س

Gel Eyliner Pierre Rene

Any water-resistant liner ensures a long black colorFixed for a long time, with a fine brush..

5,100 ل.س

Mat active Pierre Rene

Professional carpet base for skin is greasy, mixed, or prone to irritation.The innovative active for..

8,750 ل.س

ROYAL MAT LIPSTICK - Matowo-satynowa pomadka do ust Pierre René

Red red beer from Pierre Rene. lipstick. Leaves sensory, matte, satin finish. Dried particles and mo..

6,200 ل.س

Mascara Royal lashes Pierre Rene

Mascara check the density and length of the eyelashesThe brush achieves ease of use and separates ey..

4,900 ل.س

Mascara Icoice Iashes Pierre Rene

Mascara Lash Anti-pollution Ecologist, thanks to the protein components of wheat and castor oilNouri..

5,650 ل.س

Pen Liner Pierre Rene

Eye-liner Anti-Water, ensures long lasting black colorDries quickly..

5,100 ل.س

Volume rich mascara Pierre Rene

Intensive Mascara with light weight creamCircular brush for perfect distribution of materialsNourish..

4,200 ل.س

Nail Polish Pierre Rene

Brand: Pierre RenéType: Nail polishExpert gel technology containing acrylic and polyester, 3D EFFECT..

2,800 ل.س

Eyebrow Powder set Pierre Rene

Set of eyebrow powder, lasting for a long time without change of eyebrow shape,Contains wax and wax ..

4,200 ل.س

Eye shadow Pierre Rene

Long lasting monochromatic chicIt has beautiful colors that are easy to useAgainst allergies..

2,300 ل.س

SUPER CURLY Mascara Pierre Rene

With a brush that reaches the corners and gives a large density and size of the eyelashes and moistu..

4,900 ل.س

Mascara Performance Pierre Rene

The performance of an innovative mascara ensures the size that gives the eyelashes a beautiful black..

4,900 ل.س

Mascara Iconic Iashes Pierre Rene

Mascara to achieve density and length and the size of the multiplier too care for the health of cili..

4,900 ل.س


A shado has a variety of colors to create your own wankThere are 4 colors, 6 colors, 10 colors..

11,600 ل.س

Hi tech eye liner Pierre Rene

Ensures the eye line drawing a fine thanks to its delicate shape is similar to pen and Bai thickness..

5,300 ل.س

Eye Pencil Pierre Rene

Promotes eye contour and identifies it with a long lasting line..

2,700 ل.س

Brow liner Pierre Rene

Gentle Eyebrow Brow Enhances eyebrow setting with a brush to enhance the desired style of eye shape..

5,650 ل.س

Super contour liner Pierre Rene

, A condensed color of kale and eyeliner. Extra rich pigmentation for the most intense jet black col..

3,900 ل.س

Make up buse Pierre Rene

Makeup base lighten with reflective particles of light. It makes the skin pure and bright, and facil..

7,500 ل.س

Waterliner pencil Pierre Rene

A long and long lasting liner, working on the kajal inside the water line on the edges of the eye en..

2,000 ل.س

Bouncy Foundation Pierre Rene

Bouncy Fluid Foundation - NO Mousse foundation cream. 02 Beige for oily and mixed skin. Perfectly co..

6,950 ل.س

Ink eyeliner Pierre Rene

Eyeliner A cosmetic used to identify eyes. It is a method used to show the beauty of the eye...

4,850 ل.س

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